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3 min read

4 Myths About LMS Migration Projects

LMS migration has become a 4 letter word in the higher education IT space. Some institutions will even hold onto their...

5 min read

How Long Does An LMS Migration Project Really Take?

Have you started planning out your LMS migration? If so, you’re probably wondering how long a migration project really...

6 min read

What Are My Options to Archive Student Data?

Whether you're in the midst of an LMS migration or you've just begun planning your transition, at some point, you'll...

4 min read

How Much Does LMS Migration Actually Cost?

If you’re looking to update your online learning technology to a new Learning Management System (LMS), then you’ve...

3 min read

What Is Automated LMS Migration?

The time has come. After years of consideration and debate, your institution has decided to move to a new learning...